Future Update

Hey friends!  This August newsletter will be more of an update than the usual.

I’ve been accepted as a full-time Staff in YWAM Madison! (insert “yaaayys!” and “wooos!”)

A few of my faculties will be:

  • Being a part of the team that will be creating a curriculum for the SPARK Art  elective and teaching it during the winter Discipleship Training School.
  • Being on the Communications and Creative Team 

I’m hoping to move out to Madison in October and so I have started fundraising. I will be raising monthly support and my target goal is $1,000 per month

(If you wish to join me on this journey I’m embarking on, whether financially or prayerfully, email me at followapollo@hotmail.com)

Freshman Class of YWAM Madison



Prayer List: This is a new season in life! Life is better than I thought it would be. Please pray that I continue to be God-centered. My mother is stressing over my brother and his situation right now, please pray for his safety and her peace of mind.

Praise Report: God is Good! (All the time! and that’s His nature wow!) I’m continually amazed by His faithfulness to me. I’m so very elated to be a part of YWAM Madison’s ministry and the fact that I also get to do it in my own artistic fashion is truly a dream and a prayer come true!  Also, my brother had a prophetic dream earlier this week and since the dream he seems to have found peace with his current situation.




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