A Heart Like Cracked Glass

Ripples run through a heart like cracked glass


Is it too much to ask that

we retain hope

in these hopeless times?

Father spoke to me earlier this month. He said, “even in the darkest of times my Son still shines”.

In the midst of the tragedies befalling our nation I’ve been tending towards disillusioned. “When will this change?” is a question I ask with more frequency and more raw emotion than I’d care to admit.

My heart goes out to the people of our nation who have been victimized. And so quickly I want to demonize the victimizer, but I know this isn’t what I’m called to.

It’s love. Pure love. Non-possessive love. A love untainted by actions, and vast as the ocean.  A man once told me that Love in action is like a freshwater ocean after somebody sprinkles a pinch of salt into it. The ocean is so large that the little bit of salt does nothing. Yet despite this, my love at times can be like a 16oz glass of water, if you sprinkle salt in there you’re gonna taste it. And spit it out. Yuck.

He said, “Love your enemy”. And not with 16oz cup of water love, but with an ocean of love.

Dealing with injustice is difficult. Because you must have such a huge heart to bear the pain you feel. It’s quite like Limbic resonance. You feel their pain in an intimate, unfiltered way. And your heart cries out as loud as a mother’s wails who’s newborn child has been kidnapped.

But through this, it’s so important to remember that we are all One. One Body, under One Head. Those who are miswielding their power are also a part of this body. A part of our tribe, our flock, they’ve merely unaware. Yet still just as deserving of our love, and understanding.

We’re all human. And it seems we are in a race against our own base nature on a quest for something to give value to our life.


We are children of God. “Of” being the key word. Our value is in who are Father is.

And every day I must remember this.

We’re one great big family. You are all my brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts and the only thing that seperates us is perception.

So, my brothers and sisters, let us peirce the viel that we may be unblinded to our relation, bearing witness to the God within us all.

Donation Update:

I have raised $500 of my target $1,000 in monthly support. Thank you to all who have already partnered with me. And to those that haven’t yet, you still can!

Email me at: followapollo@hotmail  and we can discuss this! 

Praise Report:

•This month I performed at our local wine festival and a young woman came up to me after my set with tears in her eyes and told me how I had touched her and encouraged me to keep on sharing my writings. So that was great.

•I’m moving to Madison next month to begin my journey as a Missionary with YWAM. I’m psyched.

•My mother is in good health, which is wonderful

•God is Good

•God loves you (and me)
Prayer Requests

•Wisdom, motivation, drive, and an ocean of love for me in this new season.

•God’s continued work in the heart of myself and my family.

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