The Day Has Come

Tomorrow, I move to Madison, Wi, to begin my work there. My schedule has not been completely ironed out, so because of that I can’t tell you all that I will be involved in, but two of the main ministries will be Phos House (which I will also reside in) which is a community house run by a YWAM couple, openly christian, but the students who live there are not required to be.) And  SPARK Art, I along with a team of 5 other individuals will be creating an arts curriculum to be taught in YWAM Madison’s Discipleship Training Schools.


Prayer Requests:

That I may be steadfast and devoted in seeking our Father through any new trials presented to be in this coming transition.

For our Nation, after having elected Trump, there are a lot of nonwhite people that are scared for the direction our country has chosen. Peace…and reassurance, USA is not the Kingdom we serve.


Praise Reports:



Fundraising Update: I have reached $810 of my target $1,000 per month goal. Thank you to all the people who have partnered with me in making this possible!!!



(P.S. This post is short and sweet because I dont have much to update you on. When I get to Madison there will be better quality updates. That’s a promise.)



One thought on “The Day Has Come

  1. Thanks Matthew, I’m looking forward to your time and adventures in Madison. Thanks for keeping us posted.


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