Who Is Matthew?



An Artist and Discipler at heart and in practice, Matthew has been a full-time staff with YWAM Madison since 2016, running Spark (the arts elective in DTS), and staffing at Phos House (YWAM Madison’s campus ministry). In the summer of 2019 he moved to Nuremberg Germany, where he works with YWAM Nuremberg to staff their Discipleship Training School called Marriage of the Arts.

He sees His role in the Kingdom as, “One who passionately communicates the Beauty of Truth” and as such is excited to work within the Marriage of the Arts DTS: a program that intentionally draws together and disciples young people who are hungry to see how their identities as Christ follower and Artist can be married and made one.

Matthew lives FULLY on the financial support of people like you, as he is unpaid for his work with YWAM.
If you’d like to donate to Matthew Charles- helping him live and stuff- follow the link and designate the donation to go to Matthew Charles:


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