i want to be close

may the voice of the LORD warm my ear may the dust of His feet be kicked upon me, all my years i wantto beclose as the clothes to my body i want to be close as stars to the sky i want to be closeas lovers as friends my Teacherlet us be huddled together … More i want to be close

take me Home

Once you’ve been uprooted once it’s easy to forget that all you need is Living Water and the light of the Sun to bloom See, I can be repotted into any soil knowing that the plans of The Gardener are never foiled He will have His harvest He has come that Garden might become Kingdom … More take me Home

Sent, and Sent For

The Inner. “Leaving is an integral part of arriving.” That’s what I heard God say to me during an early April YWAM Madison Retreat at Lake Geneva. For the last couple years I’ve wrestled with the question of, “do I stay in ywam madison, or do I leave?”. As a person I pride myself on … More Sent, and Sent For