Faithfully Awaiting

  Nurture within me a devotion to dependence this notion of need like that of  a family about to be evicted with no refuge left but the snow covered streets I am desperately aware of where I’ll be if you don’t come through And I never want to forget how much I need you like … More Faithfully Awaiting

The Day Has Come

Tomorrow, I move to Madison, Wi, to begin my work there. My schedule has not been completely ironed out, so because of that I can’t tell you all that I will be involved in, but two of the main ministries will be Phos House (which I will also reside in) which is a community house … More The Day Has Come

Future Update

Hey friends!  This August newsletter will be more of an update than the usual. I’ve been accepted as a full-time Staff in YWAM Madison! (insert “yaaayys!” and “wooos!”) A few of my faculties will be: Being a part of the team that will be creating a curriculum for the SPARK Art  elective and teaching it during … More Future Update


  Never having left the hood I was raised in, I have become a product of my placement. The naive fearlessness of my youth has left me- Replaced by a bold untamable hope.  When the sun falls from the sky  And the bright day fades into blackness: The children rush to their homes.. The streets … More Remember